Hey, hi
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I am Michèle van den Aardweg, a front-end developer with a strong focus on usability and accessibility.

Blog articles

Sometimes I write. Here you can find links to my blog articles:


With over 15 years of experience as a front-end developer, I'm committed to crafting websites that are usable and accessible. I firmly believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the web without obstacles.

After earning my Bachelor Communication and Multimedia Design (CMD) at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, I started my front-end career at Occhio Web Development. In 2016, I joined GRRR, a strategic digital agency, renowned for its commitment to Meaningful Matters.

My work at GRRR

I'm proud to be working as a senior front-end developer and accessibility advocate at GRRR (External link). Contributing to a wide range of projects, each playing a part in GRRR's mission of helping organizations to find their focus through long-lasting strategy and bold creative choices.

I have been working on projects for great clients like VeiligheidNL (External link), Royal Defence Museums Foundation (External link), Stedelijk Museum (External link), Melkweg (External link), Gemeente Amsterdam and The Ocean Cleanup (External link).

On a personal note

Ethics, human & animal rights, and sustainability are topics I'm passionate about. And, I guess it's pretty cliché for a web developer, yes: I like cats and good coffee.

I also like: Utrecht, vegan food, Mid Century Modern furniture, nail polish, concerts, our cat, horror and art house movies, Noah Baumbach, hardcore/punk/metal music and anything Ron Gilbert creates.